September 6, 2022

Christmas Minis FAQ

Christmas Minis are of course a favorite amongst so many people. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year and I love creating a special and magical Christmas Mini Experience. Some things that you will notice a that are a little different about our Christmas Minis from our Fall Minis is…

  1. Santa’s Helper: We try to always have an elf present to help assist with Christmas minis which makes the experience so much more fun.
  2. Christmas Gifts: After all, it is a Christmas Session. I put together a little gift for all our families to take with them after their Christmas Mini Session.
  3. Christmas Cookies: As long as the studio allows, I will put out some Christmas Cookies out that you can enjoy either before, during, or after your session!

As you can tell, there are a lot of special things we hide away exclusively for our Christmas minis which is why the investment is a little bit more for these minis. Keep reading for our answers to some frequently asked questions. If you would like to book your Christmas Minis for 2022 Click Here. To Book Fall Minis for 2022 Click Here.


Do we have to use the Christmas Set Up?

No! We can absolutely move the Christmas Tree out of the way so you have more traditional and classic portraits rather than with the Christmas theme.

What is the setup this year?

It will be a gray couch with a green Christmas Tree! We can also do some standing, sitting, or even on the bed (yes there will be a bed we can use if you’d like). I always keep the theme as neutral as possible so there won’t be any red or green accents (other than the tree) so you and your family’s outfits will stand out!

We want to do a pajama session with the kids AND a traditional family session, can we do that?

Yes! If you want to do two types of sessions or two different outfits- I recommend booking two sessions back to back. That gives you a buffer between the two sessions to get the kiddos changed.

Can we bring our dog/pet?

If you would like to bring your pet, we invite you to do so at our outdoor fall mini sessions! Click here to view the booking information for our outdoor sessions. Unfortunately, we have had some issues with pets in studio in the past so this year we are not allowing it.

Are you doing any studio sessions for fall?

These are the only studio minis we are doing this fall but you can easily make it look more fall with your outfit choices! If you want to view our outdoor fall session information, click here.

We don’t know what to wear, can you help?

You can click here to view a Pinterest board I created with tons of outfit inspiration for the whole family. If you still need help, feel free to reach out to me with any outfit questions you have!

How many pictures do we get?

There are three options when booking. You can choose the option that includes 5 images, 10 images, or all the images (20+).

Will you open up any other dates for Christmas Minis?

I can’t guarantee it. I will send an email if we do.

Can we arrive early?

Yes. I recommend arriving 5 minutes before your start time. If you are late, there will not be time to make up your session as we are booked back to back with only a 5 minute buffer time between sessions. Essentially arrive on time or lose your time booked. If you are concerned about the time constraint, I recommend either booking two sessions back to back or reaching out about booking a full session with us.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reply to this email.

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